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          After Service
        ·Service Principle
        ·Facilitating Agency
        ·Usual Questions
        ·Client Message
        LZZF Spare Parts Purchase Notice

        1. Please fill in the Purchase Order.
        2. Please make payment to the appointed account in advance:
        Company name:Liuzhou ZF Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Bank:ICBC Liuzhou Branch Railway Sub branch
        Account No.:2105404009242000131
        3. For the new customers,please provide us a copy of your company’s Tax Registration Certificate and The General Taxpayer Qualification Certificate.
        4. 20% of the Payment for goods will be charged as poundage when returning the goods.
        5. LZZF reserves the final right to interpret of the spare parts’ prices and use.
        6. Contact list of LZZF Spare Parts Sales Department.
        Phone: 0772—3691559
        Fax: 0772—3691525


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