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          After Service
        ·Service Principle
        ·Facilitating Agency
        ·Usual Questions
        ·Client Message
         Usual Questions
        1. By checking the axle oil level, can I check only it at both sides of the axle?
          No. It shall be checked at the left side, at the middle and at the right side:
        At left/right side: turning the hub until the words “OIL LEVEL”is at the level position. Oil should be filled until it is overfilled a little from the screw plug position at both sides.
        At the middle: Oil should be filled until it is overfilled a little from the oil feed hole or the screw plug position at the middle.
        If fails to check at the middle, the oil level may not be correct. This may cause abnormal conditions such as noise and too high temperature.
        2. How often should the axle oil be changed if the wheelloader equipped with LZZF axles works in the cabin where ventilation is bad(ambient temperature may reach 40℃) ?
          Oil change frequency(normal work conditions):
        The first change should be made after 500 operation hours, late once every 1000 operation hours and at least once a year!
        At the high temperature conditions(about 40℃):
        It is suggested to change the oil every 500 operation hours and at least once half a year!
        3. How to check the gearbox oil level ?
          Oil level check:
        - At horizontally standing vehicle
        - Gear selector at “N”position,parking brake engaged
        - Operating temperature of the transmission
        - At engine idling: about 1000 turns/minute
        - Loosen the dipstick by anticlockwise rotation, take it out and clean it
        - Put the dipstick back until contact is obtained and then take it out again(at least 2x )
        - Oil level at 40℃: on the lower mark “COLD”
        - Oil level at 80℃: on the upper mark “HOT”
        The purpose of the cold oil-level check is only to ensure the adequate flowrate of the recycling oil for the transmission and the converter. The final decisive standard for the oil-level is to meet the requirement of the hot oil-level check.
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