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        ·About Us
        ·ZF Environmental Policy

        · 1995
        Oct. both shareholders signed the JV Contract(draft) in Passau, Germany
        Dec.12 both shareholders officially signed the JV Contract in the People’s Great Hall, Beijing
        · 1996
        Sept.20 foundation stone laying ceremony on the new plant site
        · 1997
        Jan. the first set of AP409/411 axle assembled with CKD parts
        · 1998
        June 9 Opening ceremony held in the new plant,
        in the same year, the first JV gearbox assembled
        · 2001
        Nov. 29 both shareholders signed the Agreement to transfer their Shares respectively to Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd. and ZF (Asia) Construction Co., Ltd., the latter two parties thus became the new shareholders.
        · 2004
        April the 5,000th gearbox assembled
        · 2006
        April the 10,000th gearbox assembled

        Aug.16 Won the 1st Award in ZF Asia Pacific TQM Contest 2007

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