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         ZF Environmental Policy

        ZF Environmental Policy


        ZF principles of environmental protection

        ZF products help to keep people all over the world on the move. However, this also means that the company has a responsibility to continuously improve the environmental compatibility of its products over their entire life cycle and to reduce the strains placed on natural resources.

        The ZF Environment Policy is checked regularly and is binding for all employees. It is based on the following principles.

        1.We design our products and production processes in as energy and resource-efficient a manner as possible. We use state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technologies whenever investments are made.

        2.We put appropriate measures into place to ensure that environmentally damaging incidents are avoided wherever possible and properly contained in the event of any incident. We comply fully with all relevant environmental directives.

        3.We involve our employees in the development and implementation of our environmental policy. We regularly train and motivate them so that they can actively assist in shaping our environmental protection policy.

        4.We are continuously improving operational environmental protection. Our suppliers are taken into account during this process.

        5.We implement the objectives we set ourselves right around the world with the assistance of appropriate management systems, we check the agreed performance levels on a regular basis and, if any discrepancy is detected, respond rapidly with appropriate remedial action.

        6.In matters relating to environmental protection, we engage in dialogue with customers, supplies, authorities, and all local interested parties. Furthermore, we regularly report on the consequences of our activities.

        Friedrichshafen, December 2007
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