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          After Service
        ·Service Principle
        ·Facilitating Agency
        ·Usual Questions
        ·Client Message
        Application procedures to be a Service Dealer

        1. The applicant shall submit the application(stamped) in written through fax or other ways to the Market Management Department of LZZF, which includes the information of the vehicles equipped with LZZF’s products in the region, the company’s investment scale, service workshop, service workers and service ability, etc.
        2. After receiving the application, the Market Management Department of LZZF shall make a reply and ask the applicant to fill out the Investigation Form for Applying to be LZZF’s Service Dealer, after considering the market situation and service demand in the region.
        3. After receiving the reply from the applicant, LZZF shall send specialist to make an investigation to the applicant and then report the result to the company management for approving or disapproving the application.
        4. Sign Service Cooperation Agreement with the approved applicant.
        8. According to the development standard, the approved service dealer shall arrange his workers to take part in related training, purchase necessary service tools, fixtures, spare parts and so on, and then start the service business.
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